I came to Atom Athletics in search of an intensification of my training. I had already lost a significant amount of weight on my own, but my results had plateaued. Working 1 on 1 with a trainer instead of in group settings was just what I needed as I was pushed much harder. My trainer Alex is engaging, knowledgeable listens and offers great advice. With him I have become much leaner, with definition in my arms, stomach and legs. He has not only helped me lose weight but shape my body. I would definitely recommend Atom Athletics for all your personal training needs!   



 I came to Atom Athletics seeking out a more structured approach to my training. I had been training with the big compound lifts for a while but my progress had stalled. With the programming provided by Atom Athletics I was able to add 90 lbs to both my deadlift and squat, while adding 35 and 45 lbs to my bench press and overhead press respectively. All this was achieved within 6 months of working together. I am looking forward to the many personal bests to come!  



 I have been working with Atom Athletics for nearly a year. My trainer has really helped me step my game up in the gym working to develop a program specific to my body type and goals. I learn a great deal every session as  Alex explains not only how to execute movements perfectly but also the why’s for every aspect to our session. Learning is a great bonus. With just 2 sessions weekly I have improved my body composition while improving my strength and conditioning a great deal. If anyone is looking to better their mind and body Atom Athletics is a perfect fit!