Atom Athletics takes an efficient approach to personal training centred around basic primal and athletic movements that address weakness throughout the body. Personal training has proven to improve posture and body composition while increasing energy levels, cardiac health, overall fitness and confidence.  Each client receives an individualized program based on your consultation which will address specific weaknesses and personalized goals.  These movements progress through levels of difficulty as the program and client mature in ability. 

Unfortunately, it is not simply enough to train a few times a week in order to make strides in our goals. That is why Atom Athletics complements intense personal training sessions with lifestyle coaching focused on nutrition, sleep, mobility, and recovery. All of these components add up to the perfect equation allowing you to release your maximum potential.

Pillars of health



When we improve strength we improve body composition, energy systems fight osteoporosis, increase metabolism, and create new found confidence. 



Implementation of dynamic and static stretching with muscle activation methods to awaken dormant muscles, open up tight areas, and increase ability to move pain free. 



When improving conditioning we aim to decrease blood pressure, and resting heart rate, while increasing cardiovascular and work capacity. 



When we improve nutrition we improve brain function, fight insulin sensitivity, reduce waist lines, and fight disease. 



With changes in farming and food supplies, our modern diet is often not enough. Supplementation can help fill the gaps in your success. 



Learning to recover can be vital. Most of us don't manage our stressors, get enough sleep, or take the right steps to recovering for the week ahead. 

Alex Fernandes Owner/Trainer

 Alex is the Owner and Founder of Atom Athletics. He has worked in box gyms and remote personal training companies since 2011 and has used each of these experiences to cultivate  what you now see as Atom Athletics. Outside of his CanFit Pro Trainer designation, Alex also completed the Goodlife Personal Training Institute course, and has certifications with Darby Training Systems’ in program design and powerlifting fundamentals, and Crossfit (Level 1 Trainer) 


In his youth, Alex spent most of his time between Taekwon Do, where he received his black belt in the International Taekwon Do Federation, and club soccer. These days, he is training for powerlifting competitions in the Canadian Powerlifting Federation using his body experimentally with new training styles to further his approach to personal training. 

Training Style

 Alex’s specialty is strength training, with a strong focus on rehabilitation and mobility. Alex believes we should all strive to be stronger, creating more resilient bodies to better handle the weight that is life. WIth Alex you can expect to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger, and feel better.