The Top Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Everyone understands that leading an active lifestyle, and working out is strongly associated with better health, and longer, pain-free lives. Whether or not we decide to partake in this is another story.

Knowing what is to be gained through exercise is becoming more commonplace, but just how much easier this process can be made with a personal trainer, is still a bit misunderstood.

The following are some reasons you may want to consider personal training services to push you towards your health related goals.

1. Accountability

The number one reason people hire a personal trainer is accountability.
It starts with the paid appointment you make a few times a week. Being financially invested in your own success will lead to a greater degree of commitment and much better results.
During your session, your trainer holds you accountable to a certain level of presence and effort. There is even strong evidence to support the notion that your physical output increases when having someone watch your performance at the gym.
Outside the gym, a trainer may hold you accountable to certain lifestyle changes whether it be a mindfulness journal, increasing your steps, or tracking your meals. Having your trainer there to discuss how these new efforts are going will help you manage each challenge as they present themselves.

2. Objectivity

Having an experienced coach create a program that reflects your goals, while taking into consideration your lifestyle, stress levels, injury history, responsibilities and nutritional habits will save you a great deal of time.
It is also quite common to see a new client who is ripe with immense motivation to want to take on everything right away. An experienced personal trainer will be there to help you reign it in, understanding that adding new habits slowly will lead to better long term results than burning yourself out.
It is easy for someone to try creating a gym routine that is easily thwarting their goals, through doing too much or too little, working at intensities that exceed current capacities, rushing certain injuries, or spending too much time on low value exercises.
The list of ways to waste your time in the gym can pile up quickly. Hiring a personal trainer can help you avoid all this, keeping your return on time and investment much higher.

3. Free up Mental Bandwidth

Are you a parent, who works full time, and has to keep your home together while getting the kids to practice on time? Maybe you’re single, working a full time job and completing some additional courses to move up the ladder. Most of us have too much on our plate as it is.
Finding the time, or energy to even think about how your effort is best utilized in the gym can be an additional barrier to your own success. When working with a trainer most days you just need to show up with a willingness to work, no extra baggage.
Hiring a personal trainer will free up real estate in your brain for other priorities in your life, allowing you to just do the hard thing at the gym.

4. Healing Your Relationship with the Gym

The gym for many can be a scary place. For something so widely promoted by health practitioners, the level of education in this setting is quite low. For many, gym class was not a welcoming or inclusive experience. For others the gym has become a highly sexualized place, leaving them feeling an entirely different form of discomfort than the gym is meant to achieve.
Whichever camp you fall under, working with a personal trainer can be the first step in healing your relationship with the gym. Having the guidance of a coach will be a step towards educating yourself on the ins and outs of working out.
Having someone with you while you work out might leave you feeling as if not all eyes are on you. As you continue to succeed with your goals in the gym space, you might undo years of trauma, as you learn what your body is truly capable of.
A personal trainer can help heal this relationship, allowing you to eventually feel comfortable enough to see yourself in fitness settings for the rest of your life.

5. Safety

An obvious reason to seek out personal training services is to ensure that you are staying safe. Injury is one of the easiest ways to derail your progress in the gym. Working out should at the very least prevent injury, if not improve any existing injuries. It should not leave you hurt, burnt out and broken.
A great personal trainer will not only take the time to explain to you how to perform each movement asked of you, but will also have a long list of ways to modify each movement to suit your level.
When the time comes to put forth a particular level of intensity in a workout, having your trainer there to spot you will give you the confidence you need to give it your all.
Should anything ever happen, you will also have someone with you who is CPR trained, and can get you the immediate help you might require.


Many have tried to change their lives through fitness and have struggled before, while others are just now realizing the need. When considering the leap, it might be time to entertain the idea of hiring a professional to guide you through the process as well.

The list of reasons to hire a personal trainer can be quite long, but never forget the biggest reason of all is to lead a life of health and happiness

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